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Straight Bourbon

Distilled and aged its entire life in Tennessee, this whiskey is non-chill filtered to preserve its mature flavors. The result is smooth and lasting with notes of vanilla and baking spices layered over a bed of toasted oak.

Trilogy Collection Gift Set

Introducing the Heaven’s Door Trilogy Collection, featuring three award-winning expressions in 200 ml bottles.

Double Barrel

The three whiskeys in this blend age for 6 years, then come together in virgin American oak barrels for an additional year, imparting notes of caramel, oak, citrus and spice.

Straight Rye

Hand-toasted oak cigar barrels from Vosges, France, give our Straight Rye Whiskey notes of orange peel, coriander, and spice for a more approachable sip.

The Bootleg Series

A limited annual release named in tribute to our co-creator and his famed series of albums. Each edition showcases rare and unreleased whiskeys, featuring one of Dylan’s paintings on a hand-made ceramic bottle in a collectible, handmade, leather case.

Limited Releases

As a nod to our co-creator and brand mission, we will continue to create an ever-evolving catalog of small batch whiskeys. Let each release take you on a tailored journey of taste and experience.


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