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Kentucky Straight Bourbon

A one-of-a-kind blend of two premium Kentucky Straight Bourbons, carefully crafted and aged to perfection. What sets this bourbon apart is its non-chill filtered nature, allowing its natural flavors and aromas to shine through.

Double Barrel

The three whiskeys in this blend age for 6 years, then come together in virgin American oak barrels for an additional year, imparting notes of caramel, oak, citrus and spice.

Straight Rye

Aged for six years, blended to ensure consistent maturity has been reached and then finished in Amontillado Sherry casks for no less than 6 months.

The Bootleg Series

A limited annual release named in tribute to our co-creator and his famed series of albums. Each edition showcases rare and unreleased whiskeys, featuring one of Dylan’s paintings on a hand-made ceramic bottle in a collectible, handmade, leather case.

Limited Releases

As a nod to our co-creator and brand mission, we will continue to create an ever-evolving catalog of small batch whiskeys. Let each release take you on a tailored journey of taste and experience.

Tennessee Straight Bourbon

Distilled and aged its entire life in Tennessee, this whiskey is non-chill filtered to preserve its mature flavors. The result is smooth and lasting with notes of vanilla and baking spices layered over a bed of toasted oak.

Heaven's Door Trilogy Gift Set
Trilogy Collection

Introducing the Heaven’s Door Trilogy Collection, featuring three of our award-winning expressions in 200ml bottles.

Exploration Series

Heaven’s Door Exploration Series is all about pushing the boundaries of whiskey craftsmanship. With our master distiller’s guidance, we explore new finishing methods to create unique limited-time offerings, enriching the whiskey experience.

Decade Series

Heaven’s Door Decade Series is a collection of limited-edition whiskeys, each featuring a 10-year-old aged expression. These whiskeys are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike, with each release showcasing the brand’s commitment to bringing new, innovative expressions to market.


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