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“Firing on all cylinders as immensely pleasing scents of cornmeal, clove, cinnamon, baked peach, and new leather merge into a supple, even stately bouquet..."

Highest Recommendation

 F. Paul Pacult

Double Barrel Whiskey

Placing our already-aged 6-Year whiskey in an alligator charred, new American oak, deepens the color and fills our whiskey with flavors of dark toasted vanilla. The finished product came out so smooth we increased the bottling proof to 100.

100 PROOF | 50% ALC./VOL

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Heaven’s Door Double Barrel Whiskey is comprised of a unique blend of three different whiskeys - two whiskeys from Tennessee with a traditional bourbon mash bill, and a straight rye whiskey. Each of these whiskeys is aged independently in both new oak and fresh dumped bourbon barrels for at least six years before being married together and aged an additional year in virgin, heavy charred, American oak barrels. Heaven’s Door Double Barrel Whiskey is maple charcoal mellowed after distillation, also known as the Lincoln County Process, resulting in a smooth finish.

Ⓤ Certified Kosher

AGE: At least 6 years


NOSE: Maple with milled grains and a light nuttiness. Dried berries, vanilla custard, and toasted oak. 


PALATE: Toasted Caramel, fried dough, dark cherry, Meyer lemon. Dry oak, vanilla bean, dried apricot, crème caramel. Coconut backed by orange oils and cocoa. Warm butterscotch with woody overtones.

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