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DELISH: 20 Of The Best Bourbon Brands To Add To Your Bar Cart

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Tequila isn't the only liquor that deserves praise!

When it comes to having a good drink, tequila and wine are often the leaders of the pack. While you can definitely get exactly what you're looking for out of both, nothing (and I do mean nothing!) compares to good sip of bourbon. If you've never been one to indulge in brown liquor, it may seem a bit scary to jump right into a new option—especially since the aisles of your favorite liquor store can be overrun with an incredible number of options. Honestly, who can figure out the real difference between bourbon and whiskey anyway?!

Although bourbon doesn't get the props that it truly deserves for being a well-rounded sip, the taste made popular by the south (and primarily associated with Kentucky), is one that can be enjoyed by itself on the rocks, served neatly, or mixed in for an unforgettably amazing cocktail. True, it's often said that "liquor is liquor," but until you've tasted good liquor, you won't know how devastatingly wrong that statement is. Luckily, you won't have to go far to find out which bourbon lands on the "good" list because this round up of the 20 best bourbon brands to try will give you an even better place to start.

Already know all this and just need a new recipe? Check out these bourbon cocktail recipes or this bourbon peach pie recipe to switch things up a bit.

Heaven's Door Tennessee Bourbon

Brought to you by musical legend Bob Dylan, this is one option you won't get tired of. Aged at a minimum of six years, this straight bourbon whiskey is sure to provide nothing but a good ol' Southern time.

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