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Best Bourbons of the 21st Century

Bourbons have become increasingly collectible. Here are the ones you need to stash away.

The end of the calendar year is nigh, and media outlets from The New York Times to Thrillist are marking the occasion by unleashing a torrent of “Best Of” lists. And we here at Robb Report are not above employing that well-worn journalistic trope as well. There’s much to love about the world’s great Japanese, scotch and Irish whiskey distilleries. But when it comes to innovation, the wily bourbon producers in the United States have been leading the way for decades. Over the last 21 years, incredible new American-made whiskies have come to market, from new and venerable producers alike. Here are 25 of the best bourbon releases since Y2K.

Heaven’s Door Bootleg Series Vol III

When profiling a whiskey that gets its name from one of Bob Dylan’s most famous songs, the temptation to cleverly employ the legendary artist’s lyrics is hard to resist (wait for it…). Same can be said about the Heaven’s Door Bootleg Series Vol III itself. It’s a transcendent whiskey you’ll want to experience again and again. Bottled at cask strength after 13 years in barrel, with a bit of finishing in Vino de Naranja Casks, this just-released dram offers whiffs of peach and buttered popcorn, primes the palate with delightful cream soda, candied orange and animal cracker notes, and brings it home with some pepper and lemon zest. The Bootleg Series Vol III comes in handmade ceramic bottles emblazoned with one of Dylan’s classic paintings, Sunday Afternoon. Only 4,000 bottles have been made available, so keep your eyes wide, the chance won’t come again.

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