Double Barrel Blows Judges Away in 2019 London Spirits Competition

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The judges of the 2019 London Spirits Competition named Heaven’s Door Double Barrel Whiskey its Spirit of the Year, distinguishing us an American whiskey brand with an international reputation for excellence.

The UK judges were blown away by the Double Barrel, because it won five other awards: Whisky of the Year, (which probably goes without saying, but we will say it anyway because we like the sound of it), Best in Show among American Spirits, Best Spirit by Quality and Best Spirit by Value, earning a breathtaking 96 point score, snagging a sixth award, Highest Rated spirit in the competition.

“We were thrilled not just for the recognition, but because it comes from a comprehensively considered competition that aims to reward whiskeys that are high quality and attractively packaged.” said Andrea Myers, Vice President of Marketing for Heaven’s Door. 

In all, Heaven’s Door Double Barrel whiskey won six awards at LSC, an innovative global competition that takes into account not only the quality of a spirit, but also its market relevance and shelf appeal.

In a concerted effort to make its awards results more relevant to trade spirits buyers, the competition’s judges reward “those brands that show they understand their customers, and the price category they are operating in, and have produced a design and package with the right personality to attract and keep their attention.”

The London Spirits competition is judged principally by bartenders and mixologists, who are after all the ones who on a daily basis put spirits in front of consumers and gauge their reactions. Most whiskey competitions base awards only by how a whiskey tastes. When they do consider packaging, it’s almost always in a separate category.

We will happily add these awards to those already earned by our whiskey portfolio.

London Spirits Competition Results - Double Barrel Whiskey:

  1. 96 points, Highest Rated spirit in the competition

  2. Gold Medal

  3. Whisky of the Year

  4. Best in Show among American Spirits

  5. Best Spirit by Quality

  6. Best Spirit by Value